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When Feeling Overwhelmed, Start Close In

Recently, I had a message strategy session with a client who wants to create a course and build a new business that feels like her. She felt overwhelmed by all of the options out there – the frameworks, the blueprints, the how-to's, and the should's – that were drowning out her own inner voice. My client is incredibly experienced, intelligent, and admired in her field. She has everything she needs to create a successful course and build a thriving business. She's done it before. Yet, because of all of the noise out there telling her how to do something, it was covering up her own knowing. As she was describing her current place of stuckness to me, the David Whyte poem “Start Close In” sprung to mind (poem below). So, that's exactly what we did. We started from close in, not from a framework or template. We used our time together to get really clear on what was in her heart, what she's uniquely good at, how she wants to help, who she can help, and the transformation she helps people find. In starting close in, we were able to identify the obvious next steps for her to take in her business. In a few months from now, she might look back and say “oh, there's my framework for creating a course.” But she won't have it in the beginning. She'll create it as she goes step by step from a place of heart, clarity and purpose. She will start close in. This poem resonated deeply with both of us so I'm sharing it with you here. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. If you're more of a listener/ watcher, here's a video of David Whyte reading it out loud with his unique and lovely Anglo-Irish accent.


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