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The 6 Stages of the Solopreneur's Journey

If you're a one-person business launching yourself into the online space to promote your service, it may feel like you're never going to arrive. The sheer amount of information and new skills to learn is breath taking — from creating a website, to building your email list, to writing your newsletter, to sharing on social media, to running ads, wait what?!

It's easy to fall into the feeling of overwhelm or discouragement. I want you to know that where ever you are on your solopreneur journey is exactly where you need to be. So take a big exhale and set down the hustle for just a moment. (Don't worry, you can always pick it up again later!)

I've learned so much from my own journey from Children's Librarian to side hustling yoga teacher and life coach to website designer and digital mentor. I've developed my own perspective on what the journey might look and feel like for those brave enough to venture into owning their own business for the first time.

First of all, what’s a solopreneur?

I consider a solopreneur to be anyone who owns a business or provides a service all by themselves.

Solo. Uno. One.

This can be a hairdresser, a massage therapist, a coach, a photographer, a cleaning person, or someone who sells their earrings at the farmer’s markets or crocheted hats on Etsy.

And if you’re still in the idea phase, you’re included ins step one here!

Below you'll find my six stages of the Solopreneur's Journey.

Important Note: each of these phases can last anywhere from days to decades! Be patient with yourself and enjoy the ride.

  1. "So I Have this Idea" Phase This is the little twinge of excitement that you feel when you think about starting a new business or side hustle. This can happen while you already have a different job, in between jobs, or even transitioning stages of life like becoming a parent or moving.

  2. Baby Steps in the Right Direction You’ve made the step from just an idea to taking actual actions IRL. You’re taking the next small baby step toward doing the thing – organizing the home, making the jewelry, offering the coaching sessions, or stylin’ the hair.

  3. Side Hustlin’ Your small right actions in a direction are starting to turn into a legitimate income stream. People are beginning to say great things about you and you’re most likely getting business via word of mouth.

  4. Full Time Hustlin’ Ermagerd, you’ve finally made the leap into full time – congratulations! This is a huge step. This can also be the most challenging phase of the journey because often full-time hours means a sacrifice elsewhere in your life. You may have left a job, taken a pay cut, or are giving up time with your family to pursue this dream. You’re not quite making the income of your dreams YET but you are moving in the right direction!

  5. Thriving / Being Your Own Boss You’re starting to feel the benefits of your hard work, you have systems in place that help your business, you have consistent income, and you finally feel like you have that flexible lifestyle you’ve been craving. Extra long bike ride at lunch? Weekends that last three or four days on the regular? Yasssssss! It’s here for you.

  6. Arrivement You have made it. You have arrived. Whether you are working or relaxing, you feel a sense of achievement in this phase of life. You can actually feel a sense of arrivement in any stage along the journey, so be sure to appreciate the view!

I hope you are able to recognize yourself along one of these stages. Remember, wherever you are is right where you need to be.

And, if you're ready to step into sharing and marketing your business with more confidence and ease, try taking my free quiz below.

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