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Share what you know (how killing my house plants relates to your business)

Are you stuck on what to write about in your email newsletters or social media posts for your business?

The answer: write what you know.

I know, I know, you've heard this already!

This is simple and well-known advice. However, I still think most people consider that what they know is not hip, flashy, or unique enough to be interesting. Trust me, what you know is not boring to other people!

Here's a prime example. I have a friend, Maria, who is gifted and knowledgeable about plants.

When I'm on a zoom call with Maria (who lives two time zones away) I can see behind her many gorgeous, thriving plants bursting from their pots in her living room. In fact, it's so pretty that it kind of looks like a stock photo that you download for your fake zoom background.

The thing is, I want my living room to look like hers.

But it does not.

Instead, my living room looks like the place that plants go to die.

Recently, I asked Maria a few questions about my plants. In less than five minutes she gave me a garden full of helpful information, such as:

  • I'm overwatering my plants.

  • My wilted Mother-in-Law's Tongue probably has root rot and needs to be re-potted.

  • No, Sarah, (for the 100th time) that is not a snake plant, that is a spider plant.

  • I can make baby plants (a.k.a. propagate) more plants if I cut the plant at just the right spot and stick them in water to grow roots.

  • The just-the-right-spot place where I cut a plant is called the “node”.

  • I don't have to water plants from the top. I can stick the pot in a bowl of water and “bottom water” my plants so they get more consistent moisture.

OK, so what do plants have to do with business?

Here's the kicker! Moments before Maria watered me with nutrient-dense plant information, she had been talking about how she didn't know what to post on her Instagram feed!

You see, Maria takes her fountain of plant knowledge for granted. She probably thinks any idiot must know how to bottom water their plants. But not this idiot!

I happen to think she's a genius.

I'm not picking on my awesome friend, Maria, who had no idea how helpful and robust her knowledge is for other people who are not as plant-savvy.

We all do this.

I'm willing to bet you know a thing or two about your business that would seem genius-level to other people.

So if you need it, here are three simple tips to start sharing what you know:

  1. Imagine your audience knows absolutely nothing about your business or service.

  2. Teach or share one simple thing as if you were explaining it to a curious and lovable kindergartener.

  3. Share with a spirit of generosity as if you're helping a good friend not send all of her plants to the plant cemetery.


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