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Simple, affordable websites, without the stress.

 When it comes to websites, it often seems that the only two choices are either to pay a ton of money or learn how to do it yourself. I'll take door number three, please! We provide an option for people who want a simple, beautiful, and affordable website to share your amazing service. 

Our Mission:


We want to take the stress and headaches out of building a website and make it feel easy, light, and fun. At Songbird Creative, we believe that creating a website is your chance to sing. We create elegant and professional-looking websites that you'll be excited to share with your customers and clients. 


Although we can work in a variety of web platforms, our preference for new websites or transfer sites is Wix. If you need your website to be built in a different platform (Squarespace, Kajabi, Shopify, or WordPress), we can work with that. Our services represent our main offerings and can be tweaked to fit your needs. 

How to get started:

Let's get you a website!

If you're ready to move forward, please fill out this form below. We will send you a complete pricing list & overview of our website services to learn more. No obligation, no spam. Pinky swear.  


Click the button to fill out the inquiry form and share your needs.


We will email you a pricing guide and overview of your selected service. 


Schedule a free 30-minute chat to talk about your goals.

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